Image by David Gabrić


Current long term Volunteers

The following are the current volunteers:

Samkelo Briekwa (Mooki): CannaClub certified skilled maintenance worker. CannaClub certified maintenance team leader. He is responsible for all maintenance and upgrades on the Eco Estate and has more than 5 years of extensive experience in all eco maintenance and upgrade skills such as building, carpentry, painting, plumbing, irrigation…. He is an expert at fencing and eco construction. We are assisting him currently with obtaining a driver’s license, so that we can further empower him. Mookie is a permanent volunteer for GRRcc and will lead volunteers in the field when working for GRRcc as per Volunteer Program Schedule. 

Ayabonga Labala: CannaClub certified skilled maintenance worker with 2 years of practical experience in all aspects of eco-wise construction and maintenance. We are currently assisting him to obtain a driver’s license. He has been accepted by Green Herizon as a permanent volunteer and will be further developed in terms of Green Herizon activities such as Aquaponic cultivation and animal husbandry and will become a team leader for volunteers when they work for Green Herizon, as per Volunteer Program Schedule.
SihleSebonka : CannaClub certified Club House Tender and Master trimmer. Sihle has been offered a long term volunteership by JackPot and is CannaClub empowered by having his own business: CannaTours. It is envisaged that Sihle will play a major roll in the INSANGU Development Corporation Initiative. 

Yonela Mtshotwana: CannaClub certified as trimmer (3 week program), CannaClub certified as a skilled processor and packager (3 months practical experience), CannaClub certified as a processing team leader. (1 year of experience). CannaClub & APMS empowered as the owner of the Sister Sisters which provides contracting services to APMS – the Cultivation, processing and packaging partner of The CannaClub. The Scissor Sistersare the sole processing contractors employed by APMS.

Leon Meyer: is a CannaClub certified Club House tender and a diversely skilled volunteer as well as the Volunteer Leader with more than 1 year of CannaClub experience and a wide range of expertise. Leon is the General Manager of GROCGA (Garden Route Organic Cannabis Growers Association) which is CannaClub empowered. He is also the Garden Route Canna Cup & Festival event co-ordinator and owner under EXPERIENCE420: which is a CannaClub empowered business owned by him. Finally he acts as media and communications co-ordinator for and on behalf of the CannaClub its management committee and its partners.

Inline with the development of the Insango development corporation and especially the Insango Model regional hub we are pleased to announce that The House of Rastafari will soon be able to provide the first volunteer for the Caregiver: Growers