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a. Volunteers must be older than 18, and younger than 36 and work anywhere that they are needed on the Eco Estate as according to our Volunteer Program Schedule, in any of the following divisions, and all attempts would be made to adhere to the Volunteer Program Schedule, unless unforeseen circumstances/ emergencies arise:

i. APMS: The Cultivation, processing and packaging partner of The Club. Volunteers work in the The Garden with weedin (Outdoor), Nursery, Green House, processing & packaging areas of The CannaClub. Under the leadership of Don, Wayne, and Yonela.
Processing Services are contracted to the Scissor Sisters which is a CannaClub and APMS empowerment company owned and managed by Yonela.

ii. JackPot: The venue management partner of the CannaClub which includes: The Club House, CannaTours, The grow-shop and entertainment areas as well as the vegetable Garden and food forest under the leadership of Tian, Leon or Sihle.

iii. Green Herizon: Hydroponic cultivation,  infrastructure, premises and automation provider of the CannaClub and owner of the grow shop - under the Leadership of Herries or Ayabonga.

iv. GRRcc: The property management partner of the estate and the book keeping & admin partner of The CannaClub and it’s partners. This entails the construction of new projects or the maintenance/ upgrades of old ones under the Leadership of Herman, Mooki or Herries.

b. With a tea / kumbucha (10-10:30) break,

c. From Mo to Su for 5 days per week of your choice. 

d. You are provided with accommodation from 14:00 check in until 10:00 check out on your departure date as according to your reservation.


e. Volunteers will be provided with one meal per day from Monday to Friday by the volunteer program kitchen. The menu is available on this page.


f. On Saturdays Volunteers prepare the meal of the day as planned themselves.

g. Sundays are self catering, except for a breakfast omelette and you have access to the kitchen on Sundays only.


h. If you want to work on an off day and a roster slot is available and granted by a team leader, you will be paid as per your current rating: 
1. R150p.d. for unskilled labour.
2. R175p.d. for skilled labour.
3. R200 p.d. for team leadership or special skill positions.

h. You are welcome to spend your off days as you wish as long as it does not reflect negatively towards The CannaClub or it’s members. If you wish to spend your off hours at the Club House, you must do so respectfully and with the view to remove the stigmatization of Cannabis use by not hanging around / loitering aimlessly or being on social media inside the Club House.

i. All special and other requirements are your own which includes: transport, toiletries, medicinal & other provisions as well as insurances.


j. If at any stage we can no longer offer the volunteer program, or the relationship does not work for us, for whatever reason your volunteership will be cancelled and you will be refunded if owed and required to leave the estate before 10:00 the following morning.

k. Long Term Volunteers:

i. If selected for long term volunteering a 2 month prior notice of termination applies, unless a serious offence as defined by the SA Labour Relations Act occurs.
ii. Long term volunteers receive remuneration which may include free board and lodging.
iii. Specific empowerment plans for each volunteer are developed which attempts to cater for the requirements of the Club, it’s members/ partners as well as for those of the volunteer and the greater community…
iv. This may or may not include different hours/ payment/remuneration and especially skills development/ empowerment strategies… It depends on the options & possibilities available at the time.