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Volunteering programs:
a. Provides the option to volunteer at The CannaClub and with it’s Co-Op partners.
b. The following volunteering options are available for consideration / booking :


i. Long term Volunteers: These are selected by the partners of The CannaClub, generally from the short- term volunteers, and receive: Remuneration, free board and lodging , and for whom long term empowerment plans are developed. These positions are not always available.
ii. Short term Volunteers book through the website or are selected from application submitted through the contact page of this website. Short term Volunteers have to pay for food and accommodation if required, and receive no other monetary remuneration. More readily available.

c. Local Short term Volunteers - Without Food, Accommodation / transport: Volunteers are not required to pay any day-fees and receive GreenCoin (when available) per day, pre booked through the Volunteer coordinator as per schedule, unless otherwise arranged. Participation Certificates Issued at the discretion of the CannaClub Management Committee.

d. Resident Short term Volunteers requiring Board and Lodging:

Pre-booked on the Bookings page. Pre – paid at volunteers’ expense of:
- Per day @ R200
- Per week Mo – Su morning @ R1 050
- Per 2 weeks @ R1900
- Per month @ R3 300

e. Transport is available for free as and when the estate-vehicle runs. Taxi services also available.
f. Volunteers receive GreenCoin (as and when available)

g. Participation Certificates Issued at the discretion of theCannaClub Management Committee.