The CannaClub

The CannaClub & Growers Co-op was founded in 2015 and formalized in 2018, after the historic March 2017 W/Cape High Court ruling, because of people that want to / needs to use Cannabis for medicinal purposes were forced to buy/ transport the product illegally and this has great risk as well as much negative impact. The CannaClub and Grower’ s Co-Op was founded to:

i. Educate members in all aspects including responsible consumption and organic cultivation, with the intent to enable the African Agricultural Awakening through high value small scale Cannabis Cultivation.

ii. Allow members thereof to have access to a limited amount of high quality Cannabis plants/ produce, grown on behalf of them, for their own medicinal/ recreational purposes, in a shared environment.

iii. Enable members that may be in need of finding the: Grow space, time, knowledge, skills, inclination, access to facilities/ water/ funds/ security..... This is especially true in our deprived communities.

iv. Enable members that does not have the health/ physical ability / desire/ inclination to grow plants of their own with love and dedication, much less with the very best of medicinal plant strains, and in the best of modern, secure, hygienic, eco wise, organic growing conditions.....